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  • Outdoor P10 SMD Flexible LED Curtain Screen
  • Outdoor P10 SMD Flexible LED Curtain Screen
Outdoor P10 SMD Flexible LED Curtain ScreenOutdoor P10 SMD Flexible LED Curtain Screen

Outdoor P10 SMD Flexible LED Curtain Screen

  • LED Curtain Screen
  • Transparency:15%
  • Protection Rating: IP66
  • Product description: Outdoor P10 SMD flexible LED curtain screen is geared with 320mm x 1280mm panel size and each LED curtain screen panel can produce 32 x 128 dot resolution. It's perfect for staging, clubbing, ceiling

Outdoor P10 SMD Flexible LED Curtain Screen


- Super flexible---flat, curved or circular setting can all be easily done;
- High definition---15% transparency with 10,000 pixels per sq.m;
- Modular design enables in or out curved shape in a radius of 0.5m minimum;
- Buckle styled structure to well simplify traditional fixing with screws;
- Ultra light and slim---5KG/panel and 38mm depth;
- Speedy setup and tear down, easy to be boxed and shipped;
- IP66 protection rating to perfectly operate in various environments;
- Electricity saving and superb heat dissipation;
- Ideally suited for staging, clubbing, ceiling and other creative events.


1 Pixel pitch
2 Pixel density
10,000 pixels/sq.m
3 Pixel configuration
1R1G1B, SMD3535, 3in1
4 LED module size (L*H)
5 LED module resolution
32*8 pixels
6 LED panel size (L*H*D)
7 LED panel resolution
32*128 pixels
8 LED curtain panel weight
9 LED curtain panel material
10 Brightness
≥3,000 nits/sq.m
11 Driving method
1/8 scan
12 Viewing angle
140°H /140°V
13 Best viewing distance
14 Refresh rate
15 Grey scale
≥8,196 levels
16 Display colors
17 Power consumption
Max.: 450W/sq.m, Avg.: 180W/sq.m
18 Input voltage
110~230V/AC (±10%)
19 Input power frequency
50/ 60Hz
20 IP rating (front/rear)
21 Operating environment
Temperature: -20°C~+50°C, Humidity: 10%~95%
22 Storage environment
Temperature:-40-50°C, Humidity: 10-90%
23 Life span (50% brightness)
≥80,000 hours
24 Control system
LINSN or other popular control systems
25 Transmission distance
Multi mode fiber <500m, single mode fiber <30Km, internet cable <100m
26 Operating system
Windows XP/Win7/8/Vista

Video input/with video processor:


28 Compliant standard