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Operational Process of Electronic LED Screen

The following is the operational process of Electronic LED Screen.

Turn on: 

1.  computer monitor and then host computer;

2.  LED screen software when the computer is ready;

3.  exclusive LED screen switch.

Turn off: 

1. LED screen's main switch;

2. LED control software;

3. host computer and then monitor.


1. Please make sure that the LED screen’s on-off operation is in order;

2. When the LED screen is working, please don't insert or pull out any control card and any equipment that are connected with LED display screen with electricity;

3. The exclusive computer for LED screen is not allowed to install any game software and any other software which is not relative with the LED screen;

This will protect computer from the virus, making sure that the LED display screen works well;

4. It must keep a 5 minute interval for the LED screen before another on-off process.



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