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Protection Requirements for Outdoor LED Display

Now, the outdoor LED display can be seen everywhere. The applications are very extensive. As we all know, outdoor LED display is better in equipping with a resolution as high as possible. So, what else is needed when buying an outdoor LED display in addition to high resolution?

Outdoor advertising LED screen must be waterproof and dustproof, so is the protection grade of the framing structure of the screen. It can be run properly in rain with general waterproof standard-IPX5. Dust is an important factor for accelerated aging of outdoor LED display. Outdoor equipment should have special design of dustproof structure and dust filtering equipment. The protection grade must reach IP65.

LED outdoor advertising screen should use intelligent thermostat. There are three aspects of solar radiation and air convection, the internal electronic components such as fever heat at running time. According to the regional differences in temperature and equipment position, the outdoor LED display needs to have cooling equipment against the temperature to ensure the normal use of the screen, regardless of heat, air conditioning what kind of forced air cooling type heat radiating scheme, LED outdoor advertising screen generally should meet the operational requirements in temperature: -30 degrees to 55 degrees Celsius and humidity: 10% - 90%.

LED outdoor advertising screen should prevent theft. Outdoor LED screen is generally used in outdoor public places, so the security problem of LED screen body itself is the first thing to think about. It should avoid screws being exposed, and should gear with anti-theft function locks and strong support structure, in order to solve the security issues.

Outdoor LED advertising screen should be thunder proof. For the completion of all-weather outdoor playing performance, outdoor display equipment should also equipped with a reliable lightning protection design, in order to provide security for the equipment in the thunderstorm days.

Outdoor LED advertising screen should prevent reflection, to make the display clearly visible in outdoor environment, it is necessary to use a special coating treatment of glass, in order to improve the visual perspective and resolution of the screen, reduce the screen reflection.

Anti-electromagnetic interference, the outdoor environment is not controllable, so that electromagnetic interference for LED outdoor advertising screen is very important. We can't change the outdoor environment, but the internal electronic components on the LED display screen can be used to prevent internal devices, cable for signal interference, and prevent the external electromagnetic interference on LED products.

Compared to indoor full-color LED display, LED outdoor screen requires a high resolution to meet the long distance viewing and the display effect in high light environment. The traditional LCD display can reach a 1024 x 768 resolution. LED outdoor advertising screen resolution should be as higher as possible in order to well display under the impact of sunlight thus it will not affect the viewing effects. To make outdoor LED screen adapt to the outdoor environment is complex and changeable. In addition to the resolution of the display, waterproof, dustproof, anti-theft, lightning protection, anti-riot, anti-reflection and anti-electromagnetic interference and so on also needs to be sorted out.



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